Space wire

LEONI manufactures high-specification and reliable silver-plated conductors for use as space wire – the most extreme of applications, where there is no margin for error.

Our precision drawing and stranding capabilities produce high performance copper and copper-based alloy conductors with excellent flexibility and durability. We manufacture to the tightest tolerances – giving high quality signal performance and lightweight constructions to maximise results for weight-saving opportunities.

Silver plating provides excellent resistance to corrosion. With our established expertise we can easily achieve the high plating thickness requirement of 3 microns, on the finest wire diameters, to safeguard against even the most aggressive forms of corrosion such as red plague.

The silver plating also protects the wire against extreme temperature fluctuations, ranging from high temperatures (up to 200 °C) and down to cryogenically low temperatures (below –150 °C) to which the wiring may be exposed in this most hostile environment.

The technologies developed for this ultra-critical and high-tech application can be utilised to great effect for more earthly applications – satisfying the demands of the most exacting Aerospace market segment requires expertise that gives us a distinct advantage when transferred to any number of specialist applications.

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